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Increasing Focus & Productivity Through Supplementation

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Your mind is a complex biological wonder, but how do you keep it working at maximum efficiency? Oftentimes it seems our brain is a difficult beast to tame, especially when there's so much information bombarding us all the time about the do's and don'ts of optimizing your focus. In this episode, Jacob Moore tackles the subject of brain-focused supplements and drugs, and provides science-backed resources that will help you learn more about your personal health.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  1. Stimulants as tools for focus & productivity

  2. Caffeine, nootropics and other neural enhancers

  3. Non-supplemental approaches to focus & productivity

Finding the right productivity approach for you can be a daunting task, but with the right resources, you can start feeling better now. It just takes a little patience, and awareness of your body.

"I'm looking for functional. What is going to" - Jacob Moore

Episode Timestamps

[03:20] - Medication and focus: are stimulants right for you?

[05:50] - Bringing lived, functional experience

[08:00] - The pros and cons of caffeine

[15:15] - Nootropics (brain supplements, smart drugs and cognitive enhancers)

[19:25] - Find your own balance of nootropics' powerful ingredients

[23:00] - Water and exercise as medicine for focus

Episode Resources*

Sunsama time and task management

Thesis Nootropic Supplements

*We only recommend products we use. When you buy something we recommend, we may receive compensation at no extra cost to you.

Episode References

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About Jacob Moore

Jacob Moore is the creator of 5 Bridges to Wellness and the founder of NoStigmas mental health support community. As an empowered childhood suicide loss survivor, Jacob writes and speaks internationally about trauma, holistic wellness design and thriving despite mental illness. In addition to being an avid user of both nature and dog therapy, Jacob practices meditation, yoga and martial arts to support his mental wellness. He splits his time between Chicago and the open road.

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