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3 Ways to Prepare for the Big Ask with Naza Shelley

One event, one conversation, or one ask may be all that's standing between you and the success that you've always dreamed of having for yourself and for your community. But when that golden opportunity comes, will you be prepared?

In this episode, Jacob Moore hosts esteemed guest Naza Shelley to discover what's required for effective networking and the secrets to raising capital for your business. Naza shares how she's in a less than 1% of minority female CEO's to secure over $1 Million in venture capital for her startup.

3 key takeaways from this episode:

  1. How to network with authenticity by honoring your values

  2. How to give more than you take by making a tangible impact in the community you serve

  3. How to be strategic with your "ask" to make it impossible for someone to say no

Naza Shelley is a multifaceted attorney, founder, and CEO of CarpeDM, a first of its kind dating app and matchmaking service powered by a patented video-based matching process to create a solution to the challenges professional Black women face when finding love online. She has received two utility patents and multiple industry awards, including’s “2021 Startup of the Year”. Naza is also an experienced fundraiser, joining the less than 1% of all Black women-founded companies to raise over $1 million institutional capital.

"In leaning into a mindset of giving, celebrating, and amplifying other people, I have received in return more than I've given" - Naza Shelley

In This Episode You'll Hear About:

[05:41] - The mission and birth of CarpeDM

[11:35] - How your network shapes your net worth

[13:15] - Networking to not only build up yourself, but others too

[21:45] - How to consciously choose to amplify the achievements of others, even when struggling with the jealousy of their success

[24:30] - Be strategic with your "ask" and have it already done


  • Enter code PASSIONPROFITS50 to get 50% a 6-months subscription to CarpeDM

  • CarpeDM social handle: @carpedmdating

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