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Adjusting for Individual Minds In Supervisory Roles

Progressing your business and completing day-to-day operations can feel like an uphill battle, when you're trying to manage a struggling team. People are complex and come from a variety of different experiences. They bring individual needs and perspectives to their workplace, that sweeping policies just might not effectively address. In this episode, Jacob's guest Mike Bushman relates how striving to understand your employees and making individual adjustments can turn your business into a hub of productivity.

What you'll learn in this episode:

  1. The principle of AIM: Adjusting for Individual Minds

  2. How four hours of investment can save you hundreds of hours of time wasted

  3. How to implement practical accommodations in the workplace

Peoples' complexities don't have to frustrate the process of achieving great things with your business. In fact, your employees unique skills and talents are probably why you hired them in the first place. With a few simple adjustments, struggling team members can regain momentum and help drive your mission forward. This is Part 2 of a 3 part series.

Mike Bushman is a writer, speaker and trainer focused on mental health and suicide prevention. Mike serves as a board member with the Illinois Chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), a volunteer with NoStigmas and as a Youth and Teen Mental Health First Aid Instructor.

Mike is the author of books Pain to Purpose: Teaching Teens to Lead, Foster and Engage the JKB Way and Suicide Escape that dive into the complexities of mental health.

Mike created an evidence-based, vetted workplace mental health training program built on research, personal mental health experiences and years of managing individuals with various mental health challenges. He facilitated research groups on disclosure considerations for suicide attempt survivors for the National Consortium on Stigma and Empowerment. In addition to Youth and Teen Mental Health First Aid, Mike regularly conducts More Than Sad, Talk Saves Lives and other training programs on behalf of AFSP and has extensively shared his personal story of recovery and hope.

"You have differences in how people react to different opportunities, different circumstances, different challenges. As a manager it's really critical that you understand that, and that you recognize what those differences are. Make those adjustments for individual minds." - Mike Bushman

Episode Timestamps:

[02:40] - Mike's story: Why AIM is so important

[05:00] - The benefit of making holistic adjustments

[08:05] - The business cost that makes this effort worth it

[13:00] - Bringing mental health awareness to the workplace

[19:40] - Set your employees up to succeed

[22:35] - Service Leader action item: Study accommodations

Connect with Mike Bushman:

About Jacob Moore:

Jacob Moore is the creator of 5 Bridges to Wellness and the founder of NoStigmas mental health support community. As an empowered childhood suicide loss survivor, Jacob writes and speaks internationally about trauma, holistic wellness design and thriving despite mental illness. In addition to being an avid user of both nature and dog therapy, Jacob practices meditation, yoga and martial arts to support his mental wellness. He splits his time between Chicago and the open road.

Connect with Jacob Moore:


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