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Create a Grief-Informed Workplace with Meghan Jarvis

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Is a toxic work environment to blame for the Great Resignation that's happening in the American workforce right now? Jacob's next guest, Megan Jarvis, a clinical psychologist, says that behaviorally, this trend more resembles the process of grieving. What's come to be known as "quiet quitting" may be entirely misunderstood, and the true solution lies in cultivating grief-informed leadership.

3 key takeaways from this episode:

  1. How and why grief shows up in the workplace

  2. What happens to workplace culture when grief isn't addressed

  3. How to get started on cultivating a more grief-informed workplace

Meghan Riordan Jarvis, MA, LCSW is an author, podcast host, TEDx Speaker, and psychotherapist specializing in trauma and grief and loss. After the deaths of both of her parents within two years of each other Meghan began speaking on a larger scale about the importance of supporting grievers. Founder of Tacking Point Partners, Meghan and her team consult regularly with companies addressing grief in the workplace. Meghan’s memoir “The End of The Hour” publishes with Zibby Books in 2024.

"Any time you don't address an emotional experience that someone is exhibiting to you, they pull away. You experience disconnection, and when people don't understand what the disconnection is, they will tell a story, and that story will become the truth." -Meghan Jarvis

In This Episode You'll Hear About:

[04:45] - How grief and change are fueling the Great Resignation

[11:20] - Mistaking grief for poor work ethic

[14:05] - How your brain processes trauma as an individual, even if multiple people are experiencing it

[18:51] - Facing grief head-on in the workplace

[23:00] - How being open about grief transforms workplace culture

[28:00] - Listen or read to a personal story of loss to learn the suitable language around addressing it


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