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How Female Leaders Can Amplify Their Impact with Emily Shirden

As many as 65 to 90% of interns are female depending on the industry, yet only 26% of executives in the United States are female. That's a huge disparity. In this episode, Jacob and guest, Emily Shirden, will discuss how female leaders can increase their impact and close that gap.

What you'll learn on this episode:

  1. How to give yourself the grace that you give others

  2. Know and share your "why" in all aspects of your work

  3. How to utilize your strengths and maximize your impact

In her career, Emily Shirden has done everything from coordinate glamour shots for recliners, to developing strategies aimed at encouraging IT professionals to talk about blade servers in an online community. Her clients have ranged from large insurers and financial organizations to technology start-ups, not to mention vacuums, furniture, and some of the leading healthcare institutions in the country.

"We have to take care of ourselves. Whichever scenario you happen to live in. A strong leader just can't run on empty. You've got to keep investing in yourself." - Emily Shirden

In This Episode You'll Hear About:

[5:00] - The statistical disparage between women interns and women executives in the same industry

[10:10] - Give the grace you give your team to yourself

[16:16] - Find your peer support

[18:49] - Knowing the "why" behind your work

[27:45] - Network to progress your career

[30:19] - Ask for feedback from your superiors to gain insight into what you need to improve on

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