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How to Actually Fulfill Your Goals

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

"I personally don't make resolutions. I'm much more interested in value-adds on a daily basis that build up to big gains over time." - Jacob Moore

Maybe you are the sort of person who spent months thinking about 2023 and have an in-depth strategy in place for the year. Or maybe you created your resolutions on the night of the New Year's Eve on a whim. Whichever you are, none of your goals will get anywhere without following through intentionally every single day.

What you'll learn in this episode:

  1. How to breakdown a large goal into smaller, manageable parts

  2. Developing a "marathon mindset" and staying dedicated

  3. How to set intention for each day


[01:21] - Instead of resolutions, do something little that adds value to your life each day

[02:52] - Juggling a busy schedule

[03:45] - How the principles of marathon training apply to daily life

[05:00] - Infusing this mindset in every aspect of life


Manage your busy schedule with Sunsama!

Jacob Moore is the creator of 5 Bridges to Wellness and the founder of NoStigmas mental health support community. As an empowered childhood suicide loss survivor, Jacob writes and speaks internationally about trauma, holistic wellness design and thriving despite mental illness. In addition to being an avid user of both nature and dog therapy, Jacob practices meditation, yoga and martial arts to support his mental wellness. He splits his time between Chicago and the open road.

Connect with Jacob Moore:


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