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The Lies We Tell Ourselves About Achievement with C.J. McClanahan

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Have you ever found yourself caught in a trap whereby you’ve achieved success – but still don’t feel content? Are you an overachiever looking to balance the dopamine hits in your life with something more meaningful?

C.J.McClanahan is the author of The Overachievers Dilemma and in this episode with Jacob he sets the capitalist stage for how we, as overachievers, find ourselves caught in this trap – and then offers practical advice and reassurance on ways in which we can engage with our loved ones, live in the moment more, and generally enjoy a more joyous life.

Jacob shares his challenges as a father to a baby boy and C.J. asks us to consider our eulogy as two men bravely share their backgrounds and future hopes as they explore the societal malaise that many of us experience in a world hellbent on success.

Hope springs eternal in this heartwarming episode that will leave you feeling inspired to build better relationships, slow down, give more, and live generously.

“We’ve become addicted to achievement. Our brain doesn’t feel good unless we’re doing something that is recognised in some way, shape or form.”
- C.J.McClanahan

In This Episode You'll Hear About:

[03:25] What led CJ to start his career

[09:28] The damage we do physiologically when we overachieve

[16:22] How to reconcile material success with a more joyous life

[18:48] Learning to live generously

[25:59] The eulogy exercise

[29:57] The Achiever’s Compass Quiz


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